Business Planning Workshop - Dec. 17

Businesses Don't Succeed by Accident
Does your business plan need a fresh look or some new ideas as you look towards 2016 and beyond? Or maybe you have never done a business plan and its time to formalize this for you, your team and company? In either case, you are committed to growth outperforming your competitors and be a stronger market leader.

Join John Glennon for an action packed day as he facilitates a business growth training workshop to take you and your business to higher levels.

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Free Report: 7 Ways Your Customer Service Team Can Increase Revenues

There is a hidden sales force within your company right now . . . where can you find this hidden sales force? In the customer service department.

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What’s the Prospect Really Saying?

Prospects will sometimes make statements that, on the surface, sound positive, but on closer inspection, reveal no actual commitment. They contain indecisive, play-it-safe words or phrases that allow ... Read more...

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Sales Tactic: Confusing Prospecting With Selling

The Frontline Has The Biggest Impact on The Bottom Line

Sandler Enterprise Selling

The enterprise selling environment is complex, challenging both buyer and seller teams with wider, more diverse networks and more intricate interactions than traditional sales. Hear Sandler CEO Dave Mattson describe Sandler's customizable six-stage enterprise selling program, the only complex sales training that gives teams the tools and skills they need to identify, pursue, win, retain, and grow profitable enterprise accounts.


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