Introductory Workshop: The Sales Driven Organization - October 23

Success is our mission whether it's measured in increased revenue, billing growth, expansion or advancement. Success is a prize that doesn't have to fade but can produce lasting, significant improvement.

Join us for this interactive workshop for business leaders who are searching for solutions to the obstacles they face when trying to develop sales in a competitive environment.

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Free Report: 7 Ways Your Customer Service Team Can Increase Revenues

There is a hidden sales force within your company right now . . . where can you find this hidden sales force? In the customer service department.

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From the Top Down: Why Effective Management Is Essential to a Great Sales Team

What does a company need to be successful? Many people would say investors and a solid business plan, but in addition to these important factors, a company needs effective managers. These capable lead... Read more...

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Sales Tactic: Confusing Prospecting With Selling

The Frontline Has The Biggest Impact on The Bottom Line

Strategic Customer Care

The front line of your business can make or break your businesses success. Are your customer facing staff members only scratching the surface of the overall value they can bring to customers and ultimately your business?


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Tue 10/13

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