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Why Sales People FailSeminar

Take Your Sales Process From Bright to Brightest.

Do you or your salespeople ever wonder . . .

  • How to effectively take control of a sales call without feeling like a “pushy” and annoying salesperson?
  • If it’s really possible to separate yourself from the competition on something other than price?
  • How to talk about money with prospects without getting pushback like "It's too expensive" or "You need to sharpen your pencil"?
  • If there’s a way to stop buyers from continually “shopping” your products and services making you feel like an “unpaid consultant”?
  • If there is a non-manipulative way to begin selling when the prospect says “NO”?
  • Why traditional sales methods are no longer effective and often hazardous to your bottom line?

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn –

  • The buyer seller dance.
  • Why sales fail to materialize.
  • A better way to accurately forecast next quarter’s revenue.
  • Techniques to eliminate time-sucking bad leads from your pipeline.
  • How to build a step-by-step sales process your reps will actually follow.
  • What “distracts” you or your sales reps from their work – and how to re-focus them.