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Dealing With Bids, Quotes and Proposals Workshop

Struggling with Bids, Quotes and Proposals?

How many times have you worked days, weeks or even months on a proposal, only to have someone tell you that they like your proposal and they want to give you their business… they just need you to lower the price? You’ve already put a lot of time and energy into this proposal, so you don’t want to lose the business.

Most industries face the need of doing proposals, bids, or quotes. These formal RFI’S, RFP’S, and RFQ’S are a requirement. Do you have a systemic process to deal with the requests and win more of them?

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to distinguish the 70% of buyers who ask for a discount even though the quote is within their budget.
  • Skills to combat discount requests and win the job without giving up a dime of your gross profit.
  • How to avoid falling for pressure techniques at the time of sale.
  • How to gain more projects from your current clients.

What did past attendees say about the event?

  • Ryan B. – Kelowna, BC


    The Bids and Quotes workshop was highly effective. Everything John talked about I can relate to and immediately put in to play in my business.

  • Brent W. – Kelowna, BC


    Everything covered in the Bids and Quotes workshop hits all the spots for small business owners. Thanks John for a great workshop.