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John Glennon

Mark was having his usual results from cold calling. But he was determined to make at least twenty contacts today no matter what. He knew that with that goal accomplished, he’d average at least three appointments.

If you lose a big sale, have a bad month, or don’t make quota, what is your typical first response?

“Chris,” said Joan, president of Peerce & Doogle, “I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we all are that you could make it on such short notice.”

Some will tell you, Bill Belichick is the King of driving a highly accountable culture. Less than two decades ago he became the Head Coach of the New England Patriots and during his tenure, Bill Belichick led his team to an NFL record 15 AFC East Division titles, 8 Superbowl appearances, and 6 Superbowl Championships.

Vincent’s closing numbers were not what he had been hoping for. He asked his manager, Lynnette, what she thought the problem might be. After a little role-playing, Lynnette suggested that Vincent was spending too much time selling “from inside a box.”

When is the last time a member of your selling team admitted to being outsold by the competition? Probably not too often.

Tim had gotten through to the president of the company on a cold call only to be told that he did not have any need at the moment for his service.

Stan was frustrated. He kept getting “shot down on price” during discussions with prospective buyers. He knew he was supposed to talk directly about money issues before making a presentation . . . but somehow he never seemed to iron out the details in a way that gave him a clear sense of whether the buyer felt his pricing was acceptable. Buyers always seemed to play their cards close to the vest. He decided to ask his manager Phil for help.

“Tony,” said Nick, “I’m going nuts with this one prospect who has been in here three times and just won’t buy anything.”

“By ‘won’t buy anything,’ just what do you mean?” responded Tony.

Marina was having some problems with the opening phases of her sales process. Her early discussions with prospects were rarely productive. She sat down with Fred, her manager, and did some role-playing in the hope of improving her interviewing technique. During the role-play session, Fred shared a strategy Marina hadn't heard of. He called it “stripping line.”