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John Glennon | Sandler Training, British Columbia

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Extended DISC Communication Workshop

Live Online

May 5, 2022

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Do you struggle to . . .

  • Motivate people?
  • Understand why you clash with different personality types?
  • Uncover what makes people tick?
  • Communicate effectively personally and professionally?

Open the Doors of Communication Through Extended DISC.

Your default communication style naturally connects with some people and naturally repels others. Learn more about your personal style, how to read others and begin to connect more easily with 50% to 70% more people.

When and Where

May 5, 2022
8:30 am – 10:30 am PT

Live Online Session

  • No travel cost
  • No time away from the office


$189.00 per person


Personal Extended DISC Assessment included.

John Glennon

The Workshop will cover:

  • The four main human behavior styles.
  • Who you are and how others perceive you.
  • How to read other people and better understand them.
  • How to adjust your communication style to achieve goals.

What Do Past Participants Have to Say About the Workshop?

  • N. Fisher

    “I was recently working with a tough Buyer in a negotiation and by using your Extended DISC tactics, I was able to increase my prices to them, increase the purchase order size and gain future longer term buying commitments based on my minimum order requirements. The Effective Communication teachings enabled me to remain calm through the negotiations and have the Buyer see my points and come to agreement with me. Thanks John to you and the Sandler Selling System."

  • Doug C.

    “Your presentation was well received. You definitely made an impression and members enjoyed having you. We have been quickly sharing the results of the Extended DISC Assessment. This will help us all. Thanks John.”

  • Kirk K.

    "The Communication and Extended DISC workshop was extremely insightful, well organized and enjoyable. Thanks Sandler Training for a fun and interactive experience with a lot of beneficial information."

  • John H.

    "Great engagement and leadership from John Glennon, and excellent behind the scenes from the team keeping this “live online” webinar organized and engaging."

  • Marcel B.

    "Extended DISC workshop was a great 2 hours spent. Well presented and really valuable in terms of understanding the different communication styles."

  • Andrea M.

    "Thanks John for a great Extended DISC Communication Workshop with our team. We had great feedback like

    • I did find some very useful information that I can take forward into customer interactions throughout the day. This is another tool in the tool box and will be helpful.
    • I really liked today's training, it was fun and it made me have a good look at myself, my personality and communication style.
    • I really enjoyed the simple explanation on DISC and how to use this when working with customers and fellow employee’s.
    • Great workshop and ..something I can work with to improve communication with others.
    • This was a great session. I learned a lot about myself and others, and found it fun and educational.

    Thanks again John."

Join us to improve your communication skills.

Unfortunately, seating is limited, so you must pre-register and pre-qualify to attend.

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