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John Glennon | Sandler Training, British Columbia

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2023 Goal Setting Workshop

Achieving and Exceeding Short-term and Long-term Goals

Do your personal and professional goals need a fresh look or some new ideas as you look towards 2023 and beyond?

This workshop will include Sandler Training's best practices on goal setting topics like creating your ideal vision for the future, setting short-term and long-term goals, and creating a reproducible balanced recipe for success.

Join us to learn how to create your vision for the future AND set the plans so you CAN achieve it.


This special presentation is intended for people who are:

  • Concerned about balancing business and personal goals for the year.
  • Worried about their future and living the lifestyle of their dreams.
  • Upset about missed opportunities and unfulfilled expectations.
  • Looking for a better sense of control by focusing on impactful objectives.
  • Seeking to move from a goal setter to a goal achiever.

December 6, 2022
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM Pacific Time

“Live Online” via Zoom

  • No Travel Costs
  • No Time Away From Office


$49.00/person plus GST

(Free to current students)


Includes Digital Goal Setting Workbook


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What Do Past Participants Have to Say About the Goals Workshop?

  • Hettie L.

    “Thank you so much for a great Goals Class this week. I came away inspired and I learned so much in that jam packed time! Some very enlightening conversations at the table and also 'light bulb' moments! I always write everything down - always have, but the key is implementing. I love to finish what I start!"

  • Mike R.

    "Helping me to set goals, and maximize my time with decision makers, John Glennon and Sandler Training have provided me with the skill set and techniques needed to succeed in my sales career."

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