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John Glennon | Sandler Training, British Columbia

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Sales Tips & Insights

Sandler sales tips and insights

The world's largest training network leveraging the industry's best sales methodology

Sandler's video collection showcases our global network of business experts to describe key sales and management concepts in everyday language.

What is Sandler Training

John Glennon explains what Sandler Training is and how it can help businesses grow.

Executive Workshop: What's The Catch With The Free Seminars?

Wondering why some of our workshops are free? John Glennon explains our philosophy and what you can expect at this event.

Retail Sales and Customer Care - Small, Independent Businesses Are Having A Tough Time Out There

John Glennon explains how the Retail Sales and Customer Care program is designed to help independent retailers establish a consistent sales approach.

Management Tactic: People Want to be Led Not Managed

John Glennon explains the difference between managing and leading and how confusing the two can lead to real problems.

Sales Tactic: Confusing Prospecting With Selling

John Glennon explains the difference between prospecting and selling and how the two relate to one another.

The Problems With Feature and Benefit Selling

John Glennon explains how traditional selling is designed to tell buyers what to buy rather than ask and discover what they need.

Behaviour Has Gone Away

John Glennon explains how a lack of consistent sales behavior will always undermine productive attitudes and innovative techniques.

You Gotta Work on Your Attitude First

John Glennon explains why attitude is the catalyst for improvement in sales and customer service.

Attitude is Critically Important

John Glennon explains why the right attitude is the gateway to improvement through training.

The Negative Stigma Around Salespeople

John Glennon explains how changing the way you sell overcomes the traditional negative stereotype of sales people.

Adults Don't Change Very Quickly

John Glennon explains how reinforcement training helps overcome adults typical resistance to change.

The Difference Between Marketing and Selling

John Glennon explains how a sales system should start where the marketing system ends.

Getting Through The Times Where It Didn't Work

John Glennon explains how training sets the strategy and tactics for success and then coaching is leveraged to refine what didn't work.

What is Strategic Management Solutions?

John Glennon explains the Strategic Management Program and how it sets a model for success in managing sales and business development.

What is Strategic Customer Care?

John Glennon explains the Strategic Customer Care program and how the sales support employees can dramatically affect the business.

What is Sandler President's Club Sales Training?

John Glennon describes President's Club and how it's reinforcement model drives actionable change for success.

The Triangle of Business

John Glennon explains the three elements of the triangle of business and how it comes together to facilitate success.

The Frontline Has The Biggest Impact on The Bottom Line

John Glennon explains how customer care professionals are ideally positioned to improve the bottom line.

Our View on Dials: Fear or Regret

John Glennon talks about getting over those fears you may have over prospecting. If you don't act, you won't get the results you desire.

A Sandler Classic—Updated

The best-selling sales classic on driving success updated with Sandler CEO and President, Dave Mattson, providing additional skills designed for today’s highly competitive, more complex, tech-savvy sales landscape.

Technology Sales

Author and Sandler trainer Rich Chiarello offers sales teams tasked with selling technical solutions a proven program for success, based on the Sandler Selling System.

Enterprise Selling

Competitively pursuing large, complex accounts with multiple constituencies and multiple decision makers is perhaps the biggest challenge for sales professionals. 

Explore some of today's top-performing programs to see if we're a fit for you.

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