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Give your retail team the skills needed to succeed.

Are you maximizing your retail customer care employees?

Your employees can be your greatest resource, or your greatest liability. What are your expectations of your frontline retail employees? Do you depend on them to build strong relationships, create loyal customers and up-sell and cross-sell? They can be key to the success of our business, but are you preparing them to do these tasks?

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At Sandler, we work with retail staff who tell us they run into issues like:

  • Not sure how to build relationships quickly
  • Worried about driving customers from the store with aggressive or obvious tactics
  • A lack of confidence and techniques to up-sell and cross-sell
  • Concerned they’re missing opportunities because they don’t ask the ‘right’ questions
  • Upset about how customers are sometimes dealt with on the Sales floor?

Sandler’s Retail Customer Care program is unlike any other retail training. It brings proven Sandler sales and communication skills to retailers. Sandler’s techniques are unique. They differentiate you from your competitors, and give retail staff a systematic way to build repeat business and long term relationships. Achieving employee buy-in is the beginning of implementing real behavior change and positive attitudes.

If you are interested in custom in-house training or attending a public retail sales program, contact us today.

For more information call Lucy Glennon at 250-765-2047 or email



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