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John Glennon | Sandler Training, British Columbia

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Sales Management Program - Live Online

Starts August 20, 2020

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This course is designed specifically for managers who lead and manage sales people and are determined to raise their skill set as we move forward past COVID-19. Are you:

  • Frustrated by constant sales force turnover, but you’re not sure what to do about it?
  • Struggling to identify the characteristics of the “winners” on your team – what makes them so much better than the others and how can you begin to replicate them?
  • Concerned with a sales production chart that sometimes look like a roller coaster track?
  • Worried about maintaining and growing market share and perhaps even more importantly today, your margins?
  • Unsure how to lead your sales team to productive and profitable “self-sufficiency”?
  • Upset that your sales team resists any kind of accountability or tracking?
  • Experiencing unpredictable, inconsistent and fluctuating sales?


As we enter into this new modern economy, sales management and leadership skills have never been more important. We are proud to offer our "live online" sales management program.

  • Self Paced Training
  • No Travel Costs
  • No Time Away From The Office

Don't let your past sales management mistakes haunt your future.

Monthly - 90 Minute Live Online Sessions

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What Do Past Participants Have to Say About the Management Program?

  • Michael B.

    "When we attended your introductory workshop for executives earlier this year we realized that Sandler Training had some great recommendations to improve our business. Our first priority became hiring the right salesperson. Investing in Sandler Training and your hiring process for salespeople has been worth the money."

  • Ken C.

    "I just wanted to take a second and thank you both for all you have done with the training and coaching provided in the Management Program. I think that I learned a lot from the classroom sessions I attended and will continue to practice what information I can successfully cross over from sales to production. Thank You so much.”

  • Brett M.

    "The Sandler Strategic Management program opened my eyes to what was required to take our sales department to the levels we and our owners wanted. The quality of the people involved made the group discussions very topical and helpful. John always kept the focus on topic and hold us accountable to what we said we would do. If anyone wants to take their team or department to the next level this is a must for Owners and Managers."

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Successful companies are building and continually rebuilding their roadmaps to guide them through labyrinths of business challenges. And they will thrive best if they are also focused on selecting and training the right talents for the jobs.

Call 250-765-2047 or email to speak with us about the event.

In the post COVID 19 era, your comfort and safety is extremely important to us. We will always follow the latest guidelines from British Columbia health.

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