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John Glennon | Sandler Training, British Columbia

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Executive Briefing: Leading Sales into the Recovery

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Start rebuilding your pipeline to accelerate growth through a recovery.

When an economic disaster strikes, successful selling becomes even more difficult than usual. This year is no exception. Many salespeople will fail to hit their quota this year. But despite the current ongoing challenges, there’s still a light at the end of the tunnel. In this session, we're revealing actionable strategies you or your team can implement immediately to help you recover from your business' impact with COVID-19.

This webinar is for Sales Leadership, Sales Enablement, and Sales Professionals who are concerned that the COVID-19 pandemic leaves you: 

  • Not knowing where or how to start rebuilding your pipeline?
  • Struggling to make progress in your key accounts?
  • Stressing out wondering whether your existing pipeline is real?

Today's average sales cycle is 22% longer than it was just five years ago:

  • Identify the three key elements of success in any venture
  • Create strategic and scalable territory & account plans to focus effort and prioritize revenue
  • Leverage the 5 P’s to prepare for bad sales calls (good ones, too!)
  • Forecast accurately by avoiding “happy ears”
  • Work as a team to synergistically grow through the recovery

When and Where

December 4, 2020
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM PDT

Live Online


Free with advanced registration

John Glennon

What Do Past Participants Have to Say About the Webinar?

  • Lisa S.

    “John, I'm writing to thank you and Lucy for a very interesting, fun and informative morning yesterday. I came away with my head spinning a little bit, but I definitely have a clearer picture today of what I need to do and, also what to avoid, when responding to prospect inquiries. Your passion for what you do is amazing and the workshop was great.”

  • Steve S.

    “Thanks for a great Workshop John!! I didn’t get a chance to let you know how much I enjoyed your training yesterday. I’ve been through a lot of sales training in the past, yours was upbeat and refreshing. Looking forward to working with you moving forward!”

  • Rob. S.

    "Throughout my career I have taken numerous Sales Training courses, seminars and read countless books. I can honestly say that all the courses, seminars and books combined don't come close the training I have received delivered by Sandler Training's John Glennon. If you consider yourself the consummate sales professional, I highly recommend that you contact John and hear what he can do for you and your career."

Register Now

Unfortunately, seating is limited, so you must pre-register and pre-qualify to attend.

Call 250-765-2047 or email to speak with us about the event.

In the post COVID 19 era, your comfort and safety is extremely important to us. We will always follow the latest guidelines from British Columbia health.

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